Vier Feldherren

After my disastrous first attempt at four feldherren, despite painting more models than the rest of the warlords combined, I’m making another attempt!
I’m still working on the eldar ulthwe “commission” but I’m on the home straight. Well, was, until I was asked for more.

Current definite plans are.

Eldrad – 150pts
Bone singer – 100pts?
Wraith Lord – 143pts
Wraith Lord – 143pts

That’s 536 points, so half my commitment.

The other half depends entirely on confirmation of the next stage:

Farseer Skyrunner – 135pts
Skyrunner conclave: Warlock Skyrunner x5 – 325pts

Total: 996.

That’s my commitment. I reserve the right to change the conclave based on not being paid for it! Then I’ll likely continue with my custodes non metallic metal madness! I’ll cross that (slow, painstaking) bridge when I come to it though. If I get that guy finished I’ll call it a personal victory!

The other, one could say lesser, feldherren are here:
Some of the Ulthwe so far:

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